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Our product provides software analytics for the existing CCTV camera infrastructure on campuses. Our smart attendance system can be used to record student attendance in fractions of seconds and track student behavior and activity. It can be used in visitor management too.

We have a wide range of solutions for schools, especially daycares, kindergartens and primary schools, based on Face Recognition technology. We can customize our solutions based on your request.

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Our face recognition attendance software can automatically capture attendance of multiple people (max 100) at once through CCTV Cameras already installed and send SMS alerts to parents in real time with perfect precision and no additional hardware.


Our technology helps you detect 6 different student emotions in classrooms real-time! You can also monitor student attention levels, including total attention time, glances and blinks. Parents can access this analysis periodically in a graphical representation.


Get real-time occupancy information about your campus, as well as student tracking and the ability to generate customized reports through our smart camera software.


Loksun’s video analytics software helps you automatically capture visitor images and you can get real-time alerts when strangers enter the campus on both working days and holidays. You can also get alerts when the CCTV cameras stop working.


Loksun’s product is competitively priced. We do not charge any upfront amount or deposits. Our prices are based purely on how much you use our smart camera technology and you can cancel the contract at any time.

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Privacy by Design

We are committed to your security and privacy. Loksun’s original algorithm recognizes faces by detecting distinct facial features. It converts them into a unique and random code of numbers and removes the originals. Our Emotion Products are also fully anonymous and will not record more information than needed. Once face recognition templates are created it is impossible to turn them back into an image. This ensures privacy is maintained at all costs.

Loksun uses Anonymous Vision Analytics (AVA) software, which processes images from videos to detect patterns that resemble a human face. The processed image is analyzed and immediately deleted. All data is extracted and stored as a randomized log file.

Loksun has testified before the United States Department of Commerce highlighting our dedication to privacy.

About Us

LOKSUN is a Human Analytics software that adds next generation intelligence to CCTV Cameras across the world. Our software technology specializes in Face Recognition through Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. We are on a mission to make CCTV Cameras powerful, intelligent and proactive.


Our CCTV Camera Auto Detection uses Face Recognition technology to record attendance in schools. Our video analytics helps schools monitor student behavior, attendance and manage security on campus automatically without any extra manpower. Our solutions can completely replace RFID and biometric attendance.

The success of our product can be seen in the satisfaction of our customers:

I had heard about Loksun through my good friend. After listening its feature, I found it very helpful for the security of my office. It works amazingly well. Highly recommended product.

Altamas Khan

Engineer and Entrepreneur, India

Loksun is very helpful for my corporate startup

Aditi Singh

Startup Executive, India

Customer Support

For more information of Privacy and Security, Loksun offers 24/7 support for our Premium Customers. We also have regular business hours Email & Call support.

Loksun values our customers’ requirements and we adhere to strict Service Level Agreements. We also have a robust Business Interruption Insurance to provide you with efficient, uninterrupted service always.

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For more details Mail us on info@loksun.in Contact: +91-96860 66463  India


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Let the error-free attendance get recorded without human intervention with artificial intelligence. Go smart with your cameras.
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More interactive with no human intervention. Are you ready?
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Is your student safe enough ?

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LOKSUN is a Human Analytics software that adds next generation intelligence to CCTV Cameras. Our software technology specializes in Face Recognition through Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Weare on a mission to make secure, safe and smarter

1 year ago

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They collected all their phones and ATM cards. The former to check how much they have in their respective accounts, and 2 POS machines to confirm the cards PINs. There was no way to give them fake PIN, he said.

The first and last person, a lady whose PIN was declined by the POS was cut with a knife, he narrated.

The attack was one thing, but his lack of access to information on how he could block his account from any debit transactions meant, by the time he got to the bank, 8am the following Monday morning, he has lost all his savings.

We learn from other people's story.

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